Back again.

12 weeks with baby #3. I am hoping we are over the yuckertown hump, and I can get back to cooking. Not that frequenting our new pizza place downtown hasn't been a barrel o' awesome.

Panang Curry
Greek Pita Pizzas
Stuffed Baked Potatoes (I'm thinking bacon and cheddar, but who isn't)
Chicken Parmesan w/ Angel Hair
BLECT (bacon, lettuce, egg, cheese, tomato) Sandwiches

There it is.

Also taken at 8 weeks :


March, good grief.

I ate two pieces of Baileys Irish Cream Cheesecake, before dinner. I blame Liz, for making is so delishus.

I can't wait to see my Mama. She is coming out to see us. >like<

FYI : My lil L had one of the most magically crazy hair days that Nate and I had ever seen on Saturday.
Wet soft, tight curls under a hat = visual parental electrocution.

Slideshow time!

Enjoy some awesomeness, that I am liking, and imagining duplicating. I can't remember where I found these. If I remember I'll update.


Birthdays and still getting carded...

So we went to Nectar and Bucer's last night with J & A for A's birthday. It was awesome. I realized that, even though I profess a strong love for seafood, I didn't really know what trout looked like...I do now.

This is what we gave A for her birthday:

She said she almost got me the same thing for Christmas. HA!